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DOI 10.12887/27-2014-2-106-08

Jacek HOŁÓWKA – Blameless Errors

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The author argues that moral obligation remains an obligation even when those who are bound to fulfill it are unable to do so. He concedes that they may be blameless when they fail to execute their duty, but insists that the obligation remains binding. This view challenges the aphorism ‘ought implies can.’ To support his claim the author points to blameless ignorance. It seems clear to him that sometimes it is our responsibility to find out what we are unable to discover and explain. With respect to such situations he defines four categories of agents: a pessimist, a relativist, a liberal and a dogmatic. He claims that only the dogmatic is committed to saying that ignorance eliminates obligation. This contention, however, seems to be undermined by two most credible psychological theories that offer a naturalistic explanation of the origins of moral attitudes, the theory of reactive attitudes developed by P.F. Strawson, and the theory of social cognition developed by Albert Bandura.

Keywords: pessimist, relativist, liberal, dogmatic, reactive attitudes, P.F. Strawson, social cognition, Albert Bandura

Zakład Filozofii Analitycznej, Instytut Filozofii,
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