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DOI 10.12887/29-2016-3-115-12

Jakub GOMUŁKA – A Futurology of Christianity According to Stanisław Lem: Considerations around The Twenty-first Voyage

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My paper regards Stanisław Lem’s view on the future of the Christian doctrine. Lem is considered here primarily as a philosopher. In his works—both essayistic and fictional—he presents a certain concept of culture, religious faith, and relation between faith and science. Against the trend prevailing among other commentators of the writer’s thought, I do not focus on his idea of “lame God,” but on the prediction of the future development of the Christian doctrine expressed in The Twenty-first Voyage from The Star Diaries. It may be said that the standpoint presented there is not far from Lem’s own view. It is hard to call this standpoint atheistic, for it leaves open the possibility of the existence of transcendence. However, it is hard to call it theistic as well, for the author builds it on the so-called “generalized principle of Job” which denies ontic, epistemic, linguistic or even ethical relation between the world and God.

Keywords: Stanisław Lem, futurology, science and faith, atheism, Christianity

Contact: Chair of the Philosophy of God, Faculty of Philosophy,
Pontifical University of John Paul II,
ul. Kanonicza 9, 31-002 Cracow, Poland

E-mail: jakub.gomulka@upjp2.edu.pl

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