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Adam F. BARAN – Invincible: On Jan Rodowicz codename: Anoda

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The article focuses on the profile of Jan Rodowicz codename: Anoda, one of the heroes of the Polish Underground State during World War II and a soldier in the Warsaw Uprising. During the war Rodowicz took part in the historic Operation ‘Arsenal’ and also in numerous other operations against Nazi Germany occupying Poland, organized by the Grey Ranks and the Home Army.

The author presents Rodowicz’s biography, as seen in the light of the newest publications on the history of the period. Apart from highlighting Rodowicz’s heroic actions during the war, the author tells the story of his life after the war, including his imprisonment by the communist security services and his death, the circumstances of which have remained unknown until today.

Translated by Dorota Chabrajska

Keywords: Jan Rodowicz codename: Anoda, scouting, Grey Ranks, Operation ‘Arsenal,’ Aleksander Kamiński, the Polish Underground State, Battalion Zośka, Battalion Parasol, Warsaw Uprising, Home Army Henryk Kozłowski codename: Kmita, Barbara Wachowicz

Contact: Department of History of Eastern Territories, Institute of Political Studies,
Polish Academy of Sciences, ul. Polna 18/20, Warsaw, Poland

E-mail: afbaran@isppan.waw.pl
Phone: +48 22 8255221

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