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DOI 10.12887/29-2016-4-116-07

Filip MAJ – “All we are is a melody.” Henri Bergson’s Conceptions of Personality, Self and Creativity as Forms of Subjective Being

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The paper is an attempt to reconstruct Bergson’s conception of self and personality in the perspective of his conception of creative evolution. The concepts of self and personality in Bergson’s philosophy play the role of connecting and separating objective and subjective human acts. The former characterize the evolutionary unification of ‘duration’ and ‘development’ as well as the conflict between what belongs to the species and what is individual, while the latter have a subjective character and may be described as processes of creative freedom. Bergson’s conception of two selves (superficial and deep) is analyzed as corresponding to his twofold conception of creativity: the evolutionary and the creationary.

Keywords: personality, self, creative evolution, inclinations, freedom

Contact: Department of Philosophy, University of Fort Hare, Chris Hani Building,
45 Church Street, East London 7426, South Africa

E-mail: fmaj@ufh.ac.za

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