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From a Poetry Evening to the Visual Stage of the Catholic University of Lublin: Adam FITAS Talks to Professor Stefan SAWICKI

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Adam Fitas talks to professor Stefan Sawicki about the difficult beginnings and the development of the academic and student theatre at the Catholic University of Lublin. The history of the academic theatre at the KUL dates back to the 1950’s. Started as a student stage, it evolved in time, and is today known internationally as Leszek Mądzik’s Visual Stage of the Catholic University of Lublin.

Keywords: Catholic University of Lublin, academic theatre, student theatre, censorship, catholic university, Visual Stage of the Catholic University of Lublin, Leszek Mądzik

Contact: Katedra Teorii i Antropologii Literatury, Instytut Filologii Polskiej,
Wydział Humanistyczny, Katolicki Uniwersytet Jana Pawła II,
Al. Racławickie 14, 20-950 Lublin, Poland

E-mail: https://pracownik.kul.pl/adam.fitas/kontakt

Phone: +48 81 4454015; +48 81 4454425


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