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DOI 10.12887/32-2019-4-128-03

Krzysztof NAPORA, “There May Yet Be Hope...” (Lam 3:29): Destruction, Suffering, and Hope in The Book of Lamentations

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In this article, the author analyzes the images of the destruction of the Kingdom of Judah and the suffering of its inhabitants during the Babylonian invasions of the sixth century BCE as they have been described by the editors of the Book of Lamentations. The author discusses the successive stages of the destruction (land—city—Temple) and of the suffering (ordinary people—nobles—children). In the concluding section, some theological reflections inspired by the book are presented. Among them, a prominent place belongs to the issue of hope that sprouts up in the ruins of the desolated city.

Keywords: Book of Lamentations, hope, Babylonian captivity, Jerusalem 

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