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DOI 10.12887/32-2019-4-128-06

Ireneusz ZIEMIŃSKI, Between Hope and Despair: The Experience of Eternity

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There are two basic approaches to the experience of time. It is conceived either as a power which gradually destroys a human life or as duration which resists change and death. The focus of the article is the latter model, which allows experiencing moments of eternity within the experience of a sustained continuation of one’s own being. While hoping for a particular good (or expecting it), the human being already possesses it in some form and, in this way, hope (or expectation) turns out to be an actuation of the future, which, although is yet to come, is already experienced as real and actually present. Among other moments of eternity in an earthly life, despite their negative nature, are those of physical pain, psychological suffering, and despair. Experiencing them, a human being feels that time is standing still and life has changed into an eternal hell which is impossible to overcome. The model moments of eternity which have been described in the article are manifestations of the only form of eternal life accessible to a human being in earthly life. However, they may also become starting points for constructing either philosophical or theological models of eternal life after death.

Keywords: time, eternity, hope, despair, pain, boredom, suffering

Contact: Institute of Philosophy and Cognitive Science, Faculty of Humanities, University of Szczecin, ul. Krakowska 71/79, 71-017 Szczecin, Poland
E-mail: Ireneusz.Zieminski@univ.szczecin.pl

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