DOI 10.12887/33-2020-1-129-22

Waldemar GRACZYK - “Vivemus, mi Sarbievi, Deo et Patriae.” On Sublime Matters, Daily Concerns, and the Commonwealth, in the Correspondence between Stanisław Łubieński and Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski

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The paper presents the correspondence between Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski (1595-1640) and Stanisław Łubieński (1574-1640). Despite the difference in age, Sarbiewski and Łubieński engaged in a remarkable dialogue: in their letters they shared ideas and expressed interests and passions. The author claims that the similarity of the paths their lives followed, their common cultural tastes, and their service at the court consolidated their friendship. Both men studied at Jesuit colleges and Italian universities, became priests, and developed their talents in service of the king. They both were also writers: Sarbiewski was a poet, Łubieński a historian. Their creative work was the main theme of their letters. However, apart from expressing opinions on their mutual achievements, they also showed concern for physical and spiritual well-being of the friend. Their relationship was deeply personal, and although they both held informed views on political and social issues, the historical events in which they had participated provided but a background to their exchange of thoughts. In the article, the correspondence between Sarbiewski and Łubieński, translated and edited by Jerzy Starnawski, was used to gain an insight into the relationship between the two prominent historical figures and their dialogue. 

Keywords: Maciej Kazimierz Sarbiewski, Stanisław Łubieński, Baroque poetry, history in the XVII century, correspondence

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