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DOI 10.12887/33-2020-2-130-06

Witold P. GLINKOWSKI, The Dialogic and Dramatic Image of Home

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The modern philosophy of dialogue—and Józef Tischner’s philosophy of drama in particular—make special use of the concept of home, which is not perceived as a physical and material object, but reveals its meaning as a phenomenon that corresponds closely with human existence. 
The explications of various meanings of home are not reduced to its miscellaneous properties, roles and functions. Its deepest meanings go far beyond its presence or being as such, and thus it is not possible to embrace them merely through the prism of practical usage. Such meanings become visible not only through the manner in which they are utilised by man, who—like Heidegger—would be interested in the ‘truth of existence.’ 
What proves to be important for philosophers of dialogue and drama is interpersonal relationships. It is through their perspective—and not in the light of utilitarian verifications of everything that is ‘convenient’—that one can conduct a reliable and unobjectifying explication of the concept of home. What is more, they also allow individual layers and nuances of its meaning to be revealed. Therefore, a full spectrum of the sense of home cannot be manifested without the dialogical appearance of man ‘being present’ as a partner in the encounter.

Keywords: philosophy of dialogue, philosophy of drama, place, space, home

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