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DOI 10.12887/33-2020-4-132-09

Szymon Wróbel, Michel Foucault’s Short History of Salvation: Notes on the Margins of Confessions of the Flesh

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The presented article is an attempt to rethink the work of Michel Foucault. The pretext for this new reading is the publication of the fourth volume of The History of Sexuality on the status of corporeality and desire in early Christianity. The author of the paper argues that thanks to Confessions of the Body, we can see a ‘different’ Foucault, one who not only wrote books on modernity or lectured at Collège de France, but who is an archivist, or a documentalist, in the narrow sense of the term. In this context, the author of the article also tries to draw some methodological conclusions about genealogy as work which aims not so much at recreating the history of ideas, but at considering certain problem areas from an anti-phenomenological perspective. Finally, the author seeks to answer the question about the ontological status of the body in Foucault’s work.

Keywords: archeology, corporeality, virginity, genealogy, sinfulness, marriage, salvation

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