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DOI 10.12887/34-2021-2-134-06

Fr. Janusz KRÓLIKOWSKI, The Development of the Doctrinal Language in the Service of Faith

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The article addresses the problem of how to develop the doctrinal language of the Catholic Church, while remaining faithful to the Divine Revelation. In her doctrine, the Church uses her own, specific language which is elaborated in time. Nowadays, the need for a renewal of the doctrinal language is frequently expressed. While such appeals might seem justified, the renewal in question calls for attention and responsibility. It is necessary to preserve an awareness of how the doctrinal language was shaped and what underpinning theological and hermeneutic principles were included in it to warrant, on the one hand, its authenticity and faithfulness to the mystery of God the Savior and, on the other hand, its intelligibility and the greatest possible accessibility to the community of the Church. Theology has reached numerous valid conclusions indispensable for reshaping the doctrinal and theological language. Above all, the need has been stressed to preserve the connection between the doctrinal language and everyday language, while taking consideration to enhance the uniqueness of the former. The peculiarity of the doctrinal language of the Church is rooted in the mystery of God, which it strives to express. The concern for the language presupposes also a deep awareness of the contemporary challenges, such as pluralism and new outlooks.

Translated by Patrycja Mikulska

Keywords: faith, language, word, doctrine, theology, hermeneutics, mystery, pluralism

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