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DOI 10.12887/34-2021-3-135-15

Michał KURAN, For the sake of Praise and Admonishment: Forms of Memory in Samuel Twardowski’s Epic Works on the Historical Past and Heroism

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The article is devoted to texts: Przeważna legacyja, Władysław IV król polski i szwedzki, Książę Wiśniowiecki Janusz, and Wojna domowa. Its purpose is to identify the main areas in which the problem of memory comes to light in these poems and to trace the ways in which the various forms of memory are at work in them. The following main areas of memory are scrutinized: art, hero, time, didacticism, memory artifacts, destruction, and oblivion. The following functions of memory can be reconstructed in Twardowski’s epic poems: poetry as a medium of memory; the memory of the great deeds of the heroes; the memory of the deceased as a tool of commemoration; the tradition of a model leader and of a worthy place to fight; ancient culture, characters and events as a source of memory patterns and memory objects; historical memory; the mission of keeping momentous events from the past in the collective memory; the memory of defeat; the story that is not a teacher of life; virtue memory; forgetfulness and virtue; forgetfulness and forgiveness; memory loss considered as the loss of the senses; architecture and memory; images of festivity in urban spaces; documents as media of memory; the tradition, commemoration; acting as a warning, burning documents; natural disasters; divine punishment as evidence of a collective sin remembrance.

Keywords: memory, epic works of Samuel Twardowski, the ethos of chivalry, 17th century history and poetry

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