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DOI 10.12887/34-2021-3-135-19

Włodzimierz OSADCZY, The Theology of the Nation and the Awareness of the Christian Mission of Poland, as seen in the Light of the Accomplishments and the Charism of the Resurrectionist Congregation

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The first Resurrectionists underwent a profound metamorphosis, departing from the revolutionary, anti-Christian attitude and converting to Catholicism. They made a profound reevaluation of the notions of Homeland, patriotism, and freedom. In the new ‘theology of the nation,’ the issue of Poland’s independence was inextricably linked with God’s world order. In the hierarchy of values, the resurrection of Poland was subordinated to the Resurrection of Christ. The teaching about Poland as the ‘Kingdom of Mary,’ proclaimed by the Resurrectionist priests, proceeded in this spirit. While awaiting the resurrected Poland, they also pointed out to its historical mission towards the Slavic nations, and in particular towards the Slavic East, Russia, and the nations subordinated to it.

Keywords: Resurrectionists, Catholicism, conversion, nation, mission, theology

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