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DOI 10.12887/35-2022-3-139-09

Marta LECHOWSKA, “...Illuminating the spirit, permeating the body”: On the Thought of Myrrha Lot-Borodine, the First Female Orthodox Theologian

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The article presents the output of Myrrha Lot-Borodine, a Russian thinker considered the first female Orthodox theologian, who exerted an important influence on intellectuals of the Christian West. Seeking for the most appropriate articulation of Christian anthropology, Lot-Borodine focused on the idea of deification of man and the related category of imago Dei. The paper discusses Lot-Borodine’s theological views, analyzes the relation of her theology to her  poetic output, and addresses her critical attitude towards the religious culture of the Russians.

Key words: Myrrha Lot-Borodine, Orthodoxy, theology of theosis, patrology

Contact: Zakład Antropologii Kultury Rosyjskiej, Institute of Russian and East European Studies, Faculty of International and Political Studies, Jagiellonian University, 30-059 Cracow, Poland

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