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Zbigniew CHOJNOWSKI – Roman Brandstaetter’s Bestiary: Animals in the Imagination of the Poet

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Animals appear in the texts by Brandstaetter as part of descriptions and narratives. While the human being generates chaos in the poet’s universe, animals increase its harmony. Brandstaetter introduces mostly images of fl ying creatures, in particular of birds. This animal world helps him read the «book of nature» and recognize the presence of God in it. The poet refers to various traditions, such as Judaism or Christianity, as well as to mythology. Animal images are also evoked by his memories and biography. Their meaning may be reconstructed by reference to the art of counterpoint. Not infrequently is the symbolism of animals inspired by the poet’s stay in a real geographic place. In the works of Brandstaetter, the living beings stimulate new dimensions

of imagination and spirituality.

Keywords: bestiary, 20th century poetry, birds, Franciscanism, counterpoint

The opening theses of the article were presented at the conference “Roman Brandstaetter’s Cultural Universe: On the 25th Anniversary of the Writer’s Death” held by the Institute of Cultural Studies at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin on 27 November 2012.

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