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DOI 10.12887/30-2017-2-118-12

Bohdan HALCZAK – Between Nationalism and Retaliation, and Pragmatism: Operation Vistula as seen in the Light of the Idea of Polish National Egoism

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The operation code-named ‘Vistula’ started in Poland on April 28th, 1947. It aimed at the removal of the Ukrainian minority from Poland. The Polish communist authorities planned to achieve the goal by displacing the Ukrainian population from south-eastern Poland, where the Ukrainians lived in dense communities, and deporting them to the west and north of the country and thus enforce dispersed settlement. During Operation Vistula the army and police forces displaced over 140 thousand Ukrainians and members of mixed families. The communist authorities hoped that the displaced Ukrainian population would be subjected to rapid Polonization. Yet, the Ukrainian minority survived. The primary goal of Operation Vistula was not accomplished.

Keywords: Poland, Ukrainian minority, Operation Vistula, displacement, deportation

Contact: Chair of the History of Political and Legal Doctrines, and the History of Law,
Institute for the Study of State and Law, Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Zielona Góra,
ul. Podgórna 50,
65-246 Zielona Góra, Poland

E-mail: b.halczak@wpa.uz.z.gora.pl
Phone: +48 68 3282535

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