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DOI 10.12887/33-2020-2-130-07

Dobrosław KOT, A Stranger in the Home: Between Domesticity and Otherness

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In philosophical analyses, the function of home is often reduced to that of protecting, while the concept of home is opposed to that of the world. The oppositions of home vs. the world and the domestic (one’s own) vs. the strange indicate the main tensions in thinking about home. In the article, I argue that otherness and strangeness are part of the foundations of home. The Other and the Stranger must not be considered as external threats to home; on the contrary, it is impossible to conceive of home without them. The present essay is an attempt to trace the most important paths leading from home towards the Other.

Keywords: home, inhabiting, the domestic (one’s own), familiarity, the Other, the Stranger, home vs. the world, migration policies, residence and inhabiting policies

Contact: Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Public Economy and Administration, Cracow University of Economics, ul. Rakowicka 16, room 44c, 31-510 Kraków, Poland
E-mail: dobrokot@interia.pl
Phone: +48 12 2937572

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