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DOI 10.12887/33-2020-4-132-08

Jacek UGLIK, An Individual Facing the State: On the Essence of Power, according to Bakunin’s Anarcho-collectivism

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The aim of the article is to present the approach of Mikhail Bakunin, a Russian thinker, to the problem of power. Bakunin, an anarcho-collectivist, opposed any kind of power as having a degenerating effect on individuals and causing intellectual and moral aberration. In his critique of power, Bakunin adopts a radical anti-statist and anti-theist stance, hitting against the State and the Church, and arguing for their abolishment. This article analyzes Bakunin’s arguments against all forms of power, as can be traced in his writings.

Keywords: Mikhail Bakunin, anti-statism, anti-theism, the Church, the State, power, freedom

Contact: Instytut Filozofii, Wydział: Humanistyczny, Uniwersytet Zielonogórski, al. Wojska Polskiego 71 A, 65-762 Zielona Góra, Poland
E-mail: j.uglik@ifil.uz.zgora.pl

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