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DOI 10.12887/34-2021-2-134-21

Anna KOZŁOWSKA, Karol Wojtyła’s Attitude to the Word (and the Logos), as seen from the Philological Perspective

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The paper comprises results of the author’s scholarly scrutiny of Karol Wojtyła’s selected manuscripts of his literary output. A detailed analysis of rough copies (in particular, elements such as text versions, the crossings out and other emendations he made) has confirmed Wojtyła’s high linguistic consciousness as a user of the Polish language. By reading Wojtyła’s manuscripts, one can also discover significant marks of his idiolect, as well as reconstruct his attitude to language, speech, and his own literary practice, which he considered in terms of a meditation of the Logos.

Keywords: Karol Wojtyła’s literary works, rough copies, emendations, varieties of the text, attitude towards the language, meditation

Contact: Katedra Badań nad Językiem Autorów, Instytut Językoznawstwa, Wydział Nauk Humanistycznych, Uniwersytet Kardynała Stefana Wyszyńskiego ul. Dewajtis 5, 01-815 Warsaw, Poland 
E-mail: a.kozlowska@uksw.edu.pl 
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