Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

In our work we follow the guidelines developed by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).]
and the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. [

In particular we expect the authors to conform to the standards of academic and research integrity and respect for intellectual property.

  1. Authors are requested to provide a statement of the originality of their work [please click here], as well as a declaration of the intellectal exploitation right transfer [please click here].
  2. Submission of an article should be accompanied by the declaration whether the text in question has been published elsewhere, whether in print or online, and whether it is being considered for publication in any other periodical or monograph.
  3. Articles are subject to blind peer review by two independent and external referees [please click here] and to editorial revisions. One of the referees will represent an academic milieu from outside Poland, non-related to that of the author; the other will be a Polish scholar. In order to facilitate blind peer review, authors are requested to eliminate all references that might identify them.
  4. Authors are requested to disclose names of anyone participating in the preparation of the submission (together with their affiliation and contribution), as well as all the sources of research funding used in its preparation.
  5. Ghostwriting and guest authorship, manipulating authorship, plagiarism (using other people’s work and ideas without giving proper credit to the original source, thus violating the rights of the original author(s) to their intellectual outputs), self-plagiarism, and inaccurate bibliographic citation are violation of the standard codes of scholarly conduct, and all its instances will be unmasked and documented, and the appropriate entities notified.

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