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DOI 10.12887/30-2017-3-119-08

Tomasz SIKORA – Theurgy of Light: Selected Issues of the Mysticism of Light in Judaism

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This article presents selected issues of light mysticism in the texts of medieval Kabbalah. First, the author focuses on the basic considerations that place this topic in the context of general anthropological and religious studies. Following that the description of the semantics of Hebrew light terminology, as well as notes on the concept of space and ether, and the function of meditation practice in early Kabbalah, serve as an introduction to the translation of relevant source texts by Azriel of Gerona (?) and Moshe de Leon illustrating the discussed issues. The article results in comments on problems and limitations of understanding and interpretation of the Kabbalistic sources.

Keywords: evolution of photic experience, light mysticism, Jewish esotericism

Contact: Phenomenology and Anthropology of Religion Department, Institute for the Study of Religions,
Faculty of Philosophy, Jagiellonian University,
ul. Grodzka 52,
31-044 Cracow, Poland

E-mail: sikora@if.uj.edu.pl
Phone: +48 12 6631778

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